Helpdesk and training – first step in SDO

Overall Aim

Make learning in SDO more authentic. Make it like the student is arriving at a real organisation as a trainee Systems Analyst.

Making that organisation CQU would enable us to leverage off the students interactions at the campuses, but also with our knowledge of the systems.

Training and Helpdesk

One place for them to start would be with training. Training to know who the organisation is, what they do and what their computing environment is like.

Then move them onto to do some helpdesk related work. Or at least to get a taste for it.

There are issues about the physical security aspect.

All of this is related to the systems operation and support aspect which is currently done in week 10. It should be first.


Exercises arising out of this could include

  • Assessing the different security levels of the campus at which they operate
  • Assessing the training regime
  • Identifying systems that may be past their use by date, i.e. need reworking

    This one could then lead into identifying a change that is needed and moving it through the entire life cycle. Or at least the first step.

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