Web 2.0 Course Sites and the organisational challenge

Derek Morrison raises the spectre of organisational response to the idea of Web 2.0 course websites. In part, this looks like the challenge of losing control facing IT support divisions and management.

The open content nature of services like Google Video would create a related issue for academics.

I slipped mention of self-organising systems into this slide just to remind myself and the delegates (one of several such reminders) that the richness and availability of provision is now so high (at least in our part of the world) that it has become relatively easy for individuals and groups (academics and students) to function in an ICT universe that lies far outside any institutional provision. The implication being that those responsible for institutional learning technology provision will need to work much harder to stay relevant to its users than it has had to do so in the past. It will be necessary to think beyond the natural inclination to ban technologies and services that don’t fit in with, sometimes narrow, current conceptions of what are learning technologies and how they should be used, e.g. the banning of weblogs for use by staff and students.

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