Question allocation difficulties – BAM

A long time ago I identified “reducing meaningless freedom” as a key design principle for elearning type apps – basically anything web-based and possible broader. It ties in with ideas others have identified, it’s even discussed in the sad textbook we’re using in COIS20025 this term.

The idea is, that if a user shouldn’t be able to do something, don’t let them.

With BAM as used in COIS20025 this term students are meant to use their blog to respond to a fixed set of questions.

In doing this I had assumed that

  • Each post would use the question title as the subject of the post
  • The answer to each question would be included in one post
  • That students could identify the URL for their blog and register it with the CQU system

We’ve had a number of students break each of those. Especially identifying the URL of their blog. We’ve had two students who have registered the home URL of their blog host (e.g. as the URL for their blog!

This will be one of the hurdles in using real applications, ones we don’t design and control. It means we’re going to have build more smarts into the integration apps we do build.

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