Additional improvements to BAM

It’s almost the end of term. We’ve started marking the blogs using BAM and not surprisingly some rough edges are showing. Things to look at

  • Merging feeds
    Currently BAM simply copies over the local mirror of the feed with the new one. This causes problems because WordPress, and likely other providers, only provide a feed with the last 10 posts. The solution would be to merge the new feeds with the local mirrored copy. XML::Feed, the Perl module used in BAM, offers the splice method to do this. So should be easy.
  • Making copy detection, pro-active
    I find it hard to believe but we have had students who have copied the blog entries of other students. At least half a dozen. Now that it is written, need to have this run as a more regular event and notify students as soon as it happens.
  • Increase visibility to students
    The students don’t really see anything from CQU’s end. This causes problems in terms of whether they’ve completed the questions etc. Implement a view and email notification system that gives the student a visible view of CQU’s summary of where they are up to. Notify students when the miss certain events.
  • Remove the special characters
    Students tend to cut and paste their posts from Word. This introduces special characters which, after the blog has finished with them, can cause problems.

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