The missing Ps – Past Experience

While elearning is still relatively new there has been significant levels of implementation and research around elearning. It seems fairly obvious that any LMS adoption process should make use of the knowledge generated by this past experience.

The categories within this missing P include:

  • Quality benchmarks
  • eLearning Maturity Model

Quality benchmarks

A research project, funded by the National Education Assciation and Blackboard, from the Institute for Higher Education Policy in the USA drew on the experiences of pioneers in elearning from 6 institutions of higher education and developed 24 quality benchmarks spread across 7 categories (Phipps & Merisotis, 2000):

  1. Institutional support
  2. Course development
  3. Teaching and learning
  4. Course structure
  5. Student support
  6. Faculty support
  7. Evaluation and assessment

The specific benchmarks provide a very interesting set of questions to ask in the presentation.

eLearning Maturity Model

Work coming out of NZ and finding application in wider environments is application of the CMM into elearning. Stephen Marshall has a good summary of his work in this post.

In particular, it talks about the absence of process and the waste of money associated with the traditional, individual coordinator approach to elearning. Good stuff to include.


Phipps, R. and J. Merisotis. (2000). “Quality on the Line.” Retrieved 25 October, 2006, from

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