Starting my “blogs for learning” article about BAM

blogs for learning is an “online resource about instructional blogging being set up by Michigan State University. I’ve volunteered/been asked to write an article about the use of blogs in COIS20025 and BAM.

This post where I’m going to start my writing.

Thinking about the article

Would be nice to link in with some of the previous articles on the site. Here’s a summary of articles I might link to and why

The site also contains various other posts, some of the ones to refer to include

  • Nicole Elison’s post on Non-Pseudonymous Student Blogging: Ethical and Legal Concerns
    The advantage of BAM is that students public blogs can be anonymous. The identification of which student owns which blog is only visible to CQU staff. Of course, in the absence of any specific advice students have tended to name their blogs using their student identifier.

What will I write about?

  • Why and what we did
  • How it worked out
  • What’s next

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