Possible Futures v2.0

Twice this year I’ve been asked to give a presentation at CQU’s Foundations of University Learning & Teaching, essentially an induction program for academics new to CQU. The topic of the presentation I give is “Some Possible Futures for Learning: Lessons and Enablers”.

The topic had been “futures of e-learning” but increasingly I think the “e-” is old hat and tends to demonstrate a lack of understanding about the spread of ICTs into learning. At CQU, there is very little learning and teaching that isn’t in someway enabled by ICTs. Using the “e-” is a bit like going back 50 years and calling learning “f-learning” (f = face-to-face).

Resources associated with the presentation (including slides and probably audio) can be found here.

As always, but especially in this case, external factors prevented me spending the amount of time I would have liked on the presentation. It will be okay, but there are still holes, flaws and poor structure.

However, v2.0 does include more discussion of some of the applications of these ideas at CQU over the next 6 months. This provides a more concrete example of what can be done.

If I get to do this again next year, I might start improving it enough to get to the stage that I’m happy with hit.

2 thoughts on “Possible Futures v2.0

  1. Kathleen Gray

    Hi David:

    I’ll address your Carrick awards post next, but just wanted to share two things that sprang to mind when re this post –

    1. http://www.unimelb.edu.au/infostrategy/forums/index.html In connection with this talk Richard Katz showed a fantastic short video future-of-HE scenario that he co-produced – I can’t track it down online but I’m sure he’d give you access if you wanted. It would be a great conversation starter for staff in the setting you describe.

    2. I heard the term A2A (avatar to avatar) for the first time at EDMEDIA …


  2. G’day Kathleen,

    Thanks for the pointers.

    I’ve been slack the last couple of weeks with respect to mentor related posts. CQU’s term starts on the 9th and we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the first few of our major projects. I’ve also got a presentation to give on the day outlining some of them.

    I’ve got a list of topics to raise/discussions to start, once I have the time. I also have to follow up on the resources you’ve mentioned over the last week or so.


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