Some short-term futures for learning @ CQU

On Monday I gave a presentation titled “Some short-term futures of learning @ CQU”. The aim was to provide CQU staff with an understanding of the services and work being done by CD&DU.

The slides and video of the presentation are available here

It uses the metaphor of developing a course as being similar to building a house or other type of building. With this metaphor, the academic becomes the owner-builder and CD&DU becomes the associated building trades. It then introduces two example of the recent CD&DU work.

2 thoughts on “Some short-term futures for learning @ CQU

  1. Sarr Markuzza

    The question would have to be asked are the students truly customers/clients of a system, or have they been a neglected human resource of a university system (through a collegial mechanism ) in who power have previously been unattainable/untapped.

    The drive of soft and hard solutions to learning environments/tools is an onslaught it is just as difficult a task as taking up an ES/ERP, students are a factor to understand as being diverse as staff inside a university. Not everyone has the ability to, or though most would take a serious tilt regardless at the ability to build. Different mindsets and a students current understanding of how they prefer to use their sets of learning abilities which have been developing for sometime now before coming to university.

    If an innovation produces a steep learning curve for grappling it’s operation then the potential is there that students or staff will take a minimalist approach which happens often in universities. Empowering users at any thread of a learning environment inside a system is a solid idea.

    I hope the diversity of innovation under development can match the multi-threads students use to engage/capture while undertaking a learning experience. While staff (education, resource, service, technical, learning, etc) find solutions from the diversity of innovative solutions to be learning enablers, supporters, mentors, etc.

    Have to stop mid-thought here, out of time.

    Feel the power, Web2 and beyond.

  2. G’day Sarr,

    Thank you for the comments.

    Your question about students is an important one, and I’m not sure there is any single, simple answer around the view of how/where students sit and should be seen.

    To many times considerations of where/how to see students is reduced to a simple either/or argument between the market forces side, which sees student as client, and the old academic perspective. The collegial mechanism you’ve mentioned.

    I’m hoping we can develop/adopt/work out a middle ground, or perhaps a brand new route.

    We really do need to figure out how to effectively understand the student perspective. This is one of our big questions.


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