It’s all over: no need to select an LMS

There are inclinations amongst some at my university, as with many others, to move onto a different learning management system (LMS). Which creates n important questions – which new LMS?

We shouldn’t worry. At least that’s one possible conclusions to be drawn from Black et al (2007).

The argument is that there are so few important differences between the various LMS that “it makes sense to focus efforts away from LMS selection and toward the “other side of the LMS” or issues related to adoption and implementation of the systems”.

The paper then proceeds to use Rogers’ diffusion theory to offer advice about how to address the adoption and implementation side of the story. In particular, how various limitations of an LMS need to be addressed.

My problem is that the authors don’t seem to mention the alternative. If all LMSes are the same and if they are so problematic, then why should an institution chose to adopt an LMS?


Erik Black, Dennis Beck, Kara Dawson, Susan Jinks, Meredith DiPietro (2007). The ohter side of the LMS: Considering implementation and use in the adoption on an LMS in online and blended learning environments, Tech Trends, 51(2): 35-39

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