PLE drivers being considered in the corporate IT world?

The PLEs@CQUni is being driven, in part, by a range of external factors around the practices, availability and affordances of information technology, especially those associated with Web 2.0 and social software. We’ll be looking at this means for the use of educational technology within universities, not to mention the practice of learning and teaching.

Obviously these same drivers are going to have some interesting implications for the practice of the broader problem of how to IT is supported within organisations. There’s sure to be much work in this area and it will be important to keep an eye on it for what they find and subsequently work out what it means for the PLEs project.

Susan Scrupski drops a few hints about some research she is involved with and provides a link to a video commentary from one of the US news/business programs talking about one aspect of the problem. The problem talked about in this commentary is one which faces how universities practice of e-learning.

Of course, there will be some argument about all this being just the latest fad being beaten up by various academics and commercial consulting firms. But I’m not sure that this is a fad, it seems to be a key shift in IT and one that will need to be addressed. Accompanied, of course, by a good dose of cynicism.

For example, I’m not sure that the broad generalisation of “younger workers” used in the video is broadly true. Do all young workers really want that? Do all CQU students really want that?

The real questions become, just how do you address this problem, provide the type of resources that they younger workers expect within the constraints of existing organisations, especially in terms of resources? For example, at my institution there seems to be growing concern about the cost of Internet usage. Usage is growing, it is costing more and this at a time when minimising cost is important.

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