Alternate foundations – the presentation

A previous post outlined the abstract for a presentation I gave last Monday on some alternate foundations for leadership of learning and teaching at CQUniversity. Well, I’ve finally got the video and slides online so this post reflects on the presentation and gives access to the multimedia resources


It seemed to go over well but there’s significant room for improvement.

The basketball video worked well this time, mainly because the introduction was much better handled.

What was missing

  • Didn’t make the distinction between safe-fail and fail-safe projects.
  • Not enough time on implications, strategies and approaches to work with this alternate foundation.
  • The description of the different parts of the Cynefin Framework were not good

The second point about strategies of working within this area is important as the thinking outlined in the presentation is hopefully going to inform the PLEs@CQUni project.

The resources

The video of the presentation is on Google Video

The slides are on Slideshare

One thought on “Alternate foundations – the presentation

  1. John Fitzsimmons


    Thanks for an interesting presentation. I agree that we focus at CQU far too much on ideal (non) solutions, and not enough on coal-face (naturalist) complex understandings. I have been looking at some stuff on wicked problems and I have started to use Compendium as a means of mind-mapping more effectively. I think that seeing things from the wicked problem perspective has changed the way I think about the data gathering, analysis, find solution, implement, my sort-of usual approach to problem solving. I want to do some more reading in this area – it appears that our copies of HBR stop at 2000 – I don;t suppose you have an electronic copy of Snowdon (Snowden, D. and M. Boone (2007). A leader’s framework for decision making. Harvard Business Review 85(11): 68-76).

    As usual, you push my thinking in different directions – much appreciated.


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