The great website move of 2008

Update: On 21 Oct, 2008 I redirected my old website here. There are links to the old site included below. If you click on them, you’ll be brought back to this blog.

As 2008 comes to a close I have a fairly strong external motivation to move my website from its current location to one without a connection to any specific institution. i.e. a true personal website. This tells some of the plans of the move.

I’m somewhat reluctant to make this move as I’ve had the current website location since 1994. The Wayback Archive only seems to go back to around 1997 but you can see the evolution of the site

All of these have been hosted on a UNIX box (first Linux and currently Mac OS X) sitting under a desk in my office at the University I work(ed)? for. A very techie, roll your own sort of thing.

The Web has moved on. Social media, Web 2.0, the cloud, software as a service (SaaS) are all symptoms of the continual climb up the abstraction layer which is starting to change some of the fundamental assumptions of the practice around information technology.

As someone who likes what they see with these changes, especially with what they mean for the practice of organisational information technology, it’s time to practice what I sometimes preach. To use the cloud and social media for my site. To escape the varagies of organisational information technology.

The plan

The plan is to use this blog as my personal home page. To leverage off the community around WordPress to do what I used to do, only better and with a greater level of freedom, ease of use and with potential of greater capabilities.

Initially, I plan to move all of the information (at least most of it) off the current site and place it as “pages” on the blog. Some early moves have already begun.

Once most of that information is moved, time to redirect Google and other search engines away from the old site to the new one.

Maintaining my google ranking

Now comes the ego thing.

My name is David Jones. A fairly common name with a range of famous connections. For example,

  • The David Jones department store in Australia.
  • Various famous folk, Davy Jones from the Monkeys etc.

Currently, if I Google “david jones” my website is 7th on the list (though with the wrong hostname). The first 3 are related to the David Jones depatment store (I’m guessing they pay google a bit). Then there is

Obviously, my ego would like that to be maintained.

4 thoughts on “The great website move of 2008

  1. I had been wondering for a while whether the photos were stock or your own. I liked that feature and I hope it returns (kinda dark in here ATM)

    I’ve been blessed with uniqueness. After choosing my Nickname (VRBones) as a handle for IRC (I helped set up IRC for CQU, I think we were 2nd or 3rd in Australia), I have NEVER seen or heard anyone else with the same name. If I google for ‘VRBones’ it is like a little history lesson of all the places I’ve been on the net.

    Are you going to continue posting your semi-released papers? Is there any issues with Universtity IP if you are openly talking about it on a non-uni site?

  2. The question of the photos will need to wait until I see what plugins are available on WordPress that are related and what templates they fit within. On my original site I wrote a bit of Perl code that did it.

    The question of IP is probably best answered by someone who is an IP expert. But, given that there are enormous numbers of academics participating in all sorts of electronic forums and sharing their knowledge…I don’t think I’ll get into too much trouble.

    Time will tell.

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