The many Ps

For those of you who don’t know, I’m developing something called the Ps Framework for sensemaking around e-learning (read the earlier post for more information.

Jocene, one of my current colleagues and someone who is having to engage with the Ps Framework, has somewhat regularly complained about IT folk and their interest in the Ps, Cs, etc.

She seems to have some connection with someone else with a similar line of thought. Jason Woodruff in this post outlines and complains about some of the “P Words” that are floating around. Always useful to keep things in perspective.

The other reason I mention this is the “synergistic” way I came across Jason’s post from about a year ago. I’ve just moved my website from a personal server to WordPress. When I posted my most recent post about the Ps Framework included links to what it thought were related posts at the bottom. Jason’s was one of them.

The “web 2.0” move, to a site more connected with others, seems to have paid off in a small way.

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