Readings on Design-based research

My thesis is an example information systems design research. However, since the aim of the thesis is to develop a design theory for the implementation of e-learning within a university I do have some interest in the design-based research (DBR) literature from the education discipline.

I’m current following a discussion about DBR within education on the ITForum mailing list on which a number of folk are sharing resources, resources I’m not going to be able to read now. The purpose of this post is to save those references so I can perhaps (yea, right) go back and read them at some later stage.

Special issues of journals

Andrew Gibbons provided this list of journals

  • Educational researcher, 32(1) (Jan-Feb, 2003)
  • Journal of the learning sciences, 13(1) (Jan 2004)
  • Educational psychologist, 39(4) (Feb 2004)
  • Educational Technology 45(1) (Jan-Feb 2005)

A book

Andrew Gibbons also pointed to a book – Handbook of design research methods in education

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