Operating Systems animations and other resources

Back in 1998/1999 I supervised a couple of project students (who have gone onto bigger and brighter things) in the development of some multimedia resources to support a course in operating systems. The most recent version of the course is available here.

I taught the course from about 1995 through 1999. I seem to recollect that I got to use the resources we developed once, before handing the course onto others and taking on other roles. Some of the resources, the animations, are still being used almost ten years later.

The rationale and background for these developments is outlined in a paper that never did get accepted anywhere – we only submitted it once. I do think some of the conclusions are a little out there, but we had put a lot of work into it. There were also aspects of the approach that were gutted by subsequent teaching staff.

The main purpose of this post is to provide a permanent place for the animations so that they can be listed in Merlot. The previous location on an institutional web server is no longer working and with the current changes going on there is unlikely to be a permanent institutional location anytime soon. So here they are.

Aside: The animations are implemented as Flash animations. WordPress doesn’t allow uploading of these. So I’ve used the Internet Archive for the first time.

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