EasyCrop – preparing photos for the rotating banner

As part implementation requirements for the rotating banner image on this blog I needed some software to crop photos to the required dimensions. Increasingly, I’m also finding myself needing to do this with figures and diagram related to my research and work (e.g. one and ).

I used to have Fireworks, or whatever the application was called on my Mac. But it’s an old, old copy and moving to Mac OS X 10.5 meant it was buggy and crashed a lot. I could have gotten a full scale graphics package like the Gimp or Photoshop, but frankly I would never have used most of the features and wondered why I would waste the space.

So I did a quick google search and came across EasyCrop. I’ve found it a very simple, intuitive tool to use. I particularly like that it focuses on the one task, cropping pictures, and makes it easy and quick for me to do it. The appeals to my “small pieces loosely joined” ethos and my background in UNIX.

So I’ve purchased a copy. I particularly liked how I could try the application out a fair bit before purchasing it. Especially given that I was not getting any annoying “register now” reminders every time I tried to do anything.

I’ve added a bunch of new images to the pool for the rotating banner image. You can see the full set of images in flickr set. Eventually, I hope I can start pulling the images straight from Flickr but I need the time to do that.

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