PhD Update #20 – Progress, slowness and techno-rationality

It’s been almost two weeks since my last PhD update, mainly due to two factors. First, a lack of motivation due to some external factors and second, a decision to move back to Fridays as the release day for the summaries. The move back to Fridays arises from a new regular discussion with my esteemed supervisor on Friday afternoons. Releasing an update just before such a discussion seems to make sense.

What I’ve done

In the last update I said I would get a draft of chapter 4 sent off and get back into the people section.

The draft of chapter 4 was sent off and generated some positive feedback. This means that chapter 5 should be a fairly straight forward process.

In terms of the People section, I have completed:

The rest of the time, when I have spent time on the thesis, has been on the “People, rationality and cognition” section. I’ve been doing a fair bit, but not too much, additional reading on this section because I see it as one of the central arguments in the thesis and one of the main problems facing the implementation of e-learning within universities today. i.e. e-learning within universities is suffering from the over-emphasis on techno-rational approaches to learning and teaching, management and especially information technology which is not only completely inappropriate is got them caught in the past.

What I’ll do next week

The set of tasks for next week include:

  • complete the “people, rationality and cognition” section;
  • complete the “Lessons from people” section (which in turns complete the People component of the Ps Framework);
  • get going on one of the two remaining components of the Ps framework: pedagogy and product.

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