PhD Update #21 – End in sight for chapter 2

A bit of progress made on chapter 2 this week, sufficient to suggest that the end is nigh – at least for the first draft. That progress is in spite of only having limited time this week to work on the thesis because of work on Monday and having to baby sit the two boys on Wednesday.

What I’ve done this week

In the last update I said I’d complete the People component and get going on either pedagogy or product. I chose product.

In the last week I’ve

  • Completed the People, cognition, rationality and e-learning section of the People component.
  • Completed the Lessons for e-learning from People section which is the last section of the People component.
  • Completed the introduction and conceptions of technology section from the Product component.
  • Worked out the structure and re-organised most of the literature for the remaining sections of the Product component.
    The current planned structure is a little different than that outlined in the introduction. The current structure is
    • Conceptions of technology – DONE
      Broad discussion of how technology is perceived.
    • University e-learning technology – describe the technologies currently used
      • What is an LMS?
      • LMS limitations.
      • Other systems.
    • Other product models – the LMS is an integrated “ES”. There are other alternatives. Briefly mention these and the relative merits as opposed to the ES model.
    • Lessons for e-learning from Product.

What I’ll do next week

The aim is to complete the Product component and make significant progress on the Pedagogy component. If at all possible I’d like to complete both, but I’ve got a couple of other tasks to do at work next week which may prevent this from happening.

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