PhD Update #22 – one day active, but some movement

The last week has seen only one day spent on the PhD. Mainly due to working on a conference paper. The good news is that the paper is connected to the PhD. It looks at mining LMS usage logs to generate indicators of patterns which may be interesting. The paper includes a comparison of LMS feature adoption between Blackboard (CQU’s existing institutional LMS) and Webfuse – the topic of the PhD. Webfuse comes out favourably from a couple of perspectives. More on this later.

What I did

The intent expressed in the last PhD update was to complete the Product section and make a good start on the pedagogy section.

In the one day and a bit days I spent on the thesis I

So, one and a bit sections left to complete Product

What I’ll do next week

The plan is to complete product and hopefully complete pedagogy.

At this stage, I should have a fair number of days to work on the PhD, so I might get somewhere close.

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