e&i report #2 – 20th August – 1st September

This is the second in the fortnightly reports of what I’ve been doing in my current positionhere’s the first. These posts are made just before the meeting with my supervisor. Due to a change in date for the last meeting, this doesn’t report on a full fortnight.

What I said I’d do

In the last post I planned to be working on the following

  • Help out on a paper for the indicators project.
    This took up almost all of the time. It took up most of last week, a lot longer than I thought. Typical case of under-estimation of effort required. The paper was completed and submitted to ASCILITE.

    The work on this paper produced two blog posts: one and two. The second post summarises some of the findings and identifies a significant hole that has the potential to generate additional papers and funded research and/or development.

  • Progress BIM.
    Only limited work on BIM as most of the time was spent on the paper. Some time was spent also on supporting use of BAM – some detail on this necessary support reported in this blog post. What work was done on developing BIM is reported here. Essentially work has commenced on developing a hard-coded prototype.

    There have been some nibbles from a program in using BAM to implement the idea of program level e-portfolios.

  • Progress the curriculum mapping project/requirement.
    Little has been done on this one, little potentially can be done on it due to the nature of the problem and local constraints.
  • Complete the presentation.
    Some work has been done on this, but only in terms of refining the argument and improving resources.
  • Make progress on the PhD.
    Somewhat limited but it is moving forward. Aiming to have the lit review (chapter 2) completed to first draft stage by the end of next week (may go a little longer).

What I’ll do in the next fortnight

Current plans are

  • Work on BIM
    Still aiming for a prototype at some stage in the next 1 to 3 weeks.
  • Research presentation.
    The presentation has been scheduled for the 22nd September. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be spending more time on this.
  • Scholarship of L&T.
    Aim to turn work on the indicators project into some resources to give advice to people wanting to publish.
  • Curriculum mapping.
    Aim to develop a report to submit up the hierarchy.
  • Indicators project.
    Some additional work on this arising out of the thesis and also areas indicated by the paper. May aim to generate a report on this to submit up the hierarchy.
  • PhD
    Aim to complete chapter 2.

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