e&i report #3 – 1st-15th September

This is the third in a continuing series of reports summarising what I am doing in my current position

What I’ve done

Increasingly, the last couple of weeks have been spent preparing for the presentation I’m giving next Thursday. More on this below.

In the last update I planned to work on the following:

  • Work on BIM
    I spent two days working on BIM (amongst dealing with other work) the work is reported here and here. The first day was spent learning a bit more about Moodle and how it works and resulted in the first steps to a working prototype. The second extended work into using the database to change behaviour in the code and further extended the prototype.

    Progress at this stage appears slow as I’m still becoming familiar with the specifics of Moodle’s operation. However, most of the basics are just about covered and development should speed up significantly in coming weeks.

  • Research presentation.
    So far I’ve spent a couple of days actively working on the thesis, however, much of my thinking has been around the presentation and how to make the argument.

    I have started discussions with ITD about whether or not they can connect the ISL stream to ustream as a start towards innovation around presentations. I’ve also created a page on the blog which will store all the resources associated with the presentation.

  • Scholarship of L&T.
    This was originally intended to include taking some work from the indicators paper and turn it into resources to help with publishing. This has not happened.
  • Curriculum mapping.
    I posted a query about this on the blog. No responses. I have done some more tweaking on the report. This has resulted in the proposal approved at ECAB with FSEH that will continue over coming weeks.
  • Indicators project.
    Some more work has been done on the research side of this project. This post is an early start on thinking for the next stage of the project.
  • PhD
    Chapter 2 hasn’t been completed. There are two small sections to complete which will be left for now. Completed work has included: lessons from product for e-learning, the centrality of the pedagogue, and Dede’s sleeping, eating, bonding metaphor.

    A fair bit of reading about learning theory has also been conducted that contributes to one of the last sections of chapter 2 and also to some of the ideas for the coming presentation.

There has also been some additional work that was explicitly stated in the last post:

  • Support for BAM.
    BAM is being used by 632 students in 5 courses this term. The support load is currently about an hour each Tuesday and Thursday. Most of it is coming from a small number of students or academic staff who aren’t really sufficiently prepared for the use of blogs.
  • CCK09
    This week also saw the commencement of the CCK09 course – Connectivism and Connective Knowledge – run by George Siemens and Stephen Downes. I’m planning/hoping to engage in this course in order to broaden and deepen my understanding of connectivism. As a theory it resonates with a number of my espoused theories/theories in use and offers some interesting ways forward. I listed participation in this course in my PRPD.
  • interaction with colleagues.
    There have also been various discussions and other interactions with CDDU staff about various issues.

What I plan to do

For the next fortnight, the plan is to:

  • Complete and give the two presentations I have due between now and the end of November.
    This will be my main focus. Completing the herding cats presentation and also the EDUCAUSE presentation.

    While these remain hanging over my head it will effect my work. I’m hoping I can get them out of the way and then focus on other work.

  • Curriculum mapping
    At some stage I believe I may have to talk with program heads in FSEH and/or start work on the scoping document for the project. Exactly when and how much work this will involve is currently uncertain.
  • BIM
    Work on BIM in the next two weeks will be minimal due to other duties.
  • PhD
    Ditto, work on the PhD will also go to the back seat until the presentations are finished. At least, the EDUCAUSE presentation is based on the PhD.
  • BAM support
    It’s coming to towards the end of term so work on BAM will taper off somewhat. Early November may see a peak as T2 is completed and T3 is configured.

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