e&i report #4 – 15th to 29th September, 2009

The next in a series of reports summarising work in my current position.

What I’ve done

The last couple of weeks have mainly been spent on the herding cats presentation

As expected in the last report I have:

  • Completed and given the herding cats presentation.
    The video and slides are available from the presentation page. Some initial reflection on how the presentation went down is summarised here. The talk resonated with the few folk there. Something may come of it in terms of connections with other parts of CQU.

    Even if it doesn’t. The presentation has helped me frame the arguments and principles to underpin my work.

  • BAM support.
    Provided some BAM support, problems arose mostly due to a combination of human error and unique technical issues (i.e. 1 in 2500+ students over 3 years having the problem).
  • Discussions with ITD about ustream.
    I’ve talked with a couple of folk from ITD about using ustream in the upcoming EDUCAUSE presentation practice. This seems quite possible. Some details of the plan outlined here.
  • Indicators project.
    There has been on-going discussions about the indicators project and how it might move forward. This involves both research and organisational issues.

There has been little or no work on BIM, the PhD or the curriculum mapping project over the last fortnight.

What I plan to do

Over the next fortnight, the plan is to work on

  • The EDUCAUSE presentation.
    This embodies two separate objectives
    1. Prepare and practice the presentation for EDUCAUSE
    2. Undertake experiments in broadening the spread/impact/interaction of presentations given in the current CQU ISL theatres.

    I’m organising with LTERC to give the presentation as part of the research centre and with ITD to have the technology in place (mostly ustream).

    I expect most of my work in the next 2 weeks to be focused on this task.

  • BIM.
    I may get a small amount of work done on this. It will become the next major priority.
  • PhD.
    I will be spending more of my own time on this to make progress. The EDUCAUSE presentation is itself based on the PhD.
  • Curriculum mapping.
    I will work on this if contacted by SEH.
  • On-going discussions about quality.
    Appears the herding cats presentation will encourage some on-going discussion.
  • BAM support.
    As one term closes and another starts, the need for BAM support will slowly increase over the next couple of weeks. One of the more problematic courses using BAM will not be using it in T3. This should reduce workload.
  • Indicators project.
    There is a meeting scheduled in the next couple of weeks with quality and LTERC to talk about future avenues for funding the indicators project.

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