LTERC, finally a research centre – shamless plug

Sorry, but the purpose of this post is entirely selfish. My host institution has recently established a research center around learning, teaching and education. Given my background and interests, I’ll be doing work under the auspices of the center and occasionally need to access the website (even though the website is implemented with CQU’s home-grown content management system) of the center.

The full name of the center is the Learning and Teaching Education Research Centre which is abbreviated to LTERC. As of yet, despite promises to the contrary, you can’t Google LTERC and get a pointer to the site. To make matters worse the home-grown content management system doesn’t maintain human readable URLs. The URL for the centre is, but once you’re looking at the page you this meaningful URL gets replaced with Obviously a URL that encourages one to remember the site. For example, I’ve only just (through trial and error) realised that the URL will work.

Yes, I know I could book mark it. I could even be innovative and use But that doesn’t help make it easy to tell external folk about the site. Rather than use URLs, these days I tend to say “google it”. For example, rather than give the URL for the video of my talk last week ( I can say google “herding cats losing weight”.

The point is ‘google “lterc”‘ doesn’t work yet. And it’s not as if there a massive amounts of people using “lterc” – it’s not like “david jones”.

So the point of this blog post is to get a few pages on the web pointing to the LTERC website so that Google might rank the site a bit higher.

Is this mis-use of the blog?

6 thoughts on “LTERC, finally a research centre – shamless plug

  1. Thomas

    I don’t think so. I find the CQU website URL system ridiculous.

    I actually tried to find this centre’s URL recently, but the research homepage, under Research Centers and Partnerships displays this instead of a link:

    “Learning and Teaching Education Research Centre – currently under construction and scheduled to become active mid-September 2009”

    1. G’day Tom,

      I think part of the explanation for that – and also my problems with searching – is that the LTERC website has only recently become public. The LTERC folk were busy with other tasks and I think that website completion suffered as a result. I think CQU folk could get to the site via username/password, but finding it was difficult.

      However, it’s my understanding that the site has been open for a week or so and with the uniqueness of the acronym, I’d thought it should be ranking in Google by now. (The video of my presentation has been up for 9 days and is ranking now).

      The page you had problems with, still suffers the same problem. But I’m assuming that this will be explained by the fact that the research office staff haven’t been yet updated the page.

      i.e. it’s not the technologies fault.

      It is linked from functional directory, but I still want my google search capability.

      There’s a good chance that my problem can also be explained by something I don’t know yet. We’ll see.


  2. Seems this post has worked as hoped. The website for the centre is on the first page of a Google search – though this post is #1. It’s a start.

    One the custom Google search for the institution the centre home page shows up as #2

  3. Because your post actually has LTERC in the url itself it will be rated much higher than the random spattering of characters going into the main site. Using the /lterc link like you have is the best way to get google to relate the “term”, but having the main site immediately replace it with the characters means that crawlers will miss it totally (apart from the weight given from this site). Might also need a concerted effort on the public facing CQU site to do the same. FWIW here’s another link to the LTERC

    1. Another problem with complexity of organisations and competing activities. The media release was put out before the LTERC site was live. So now link was possible, though I do wonder if it was asked about.

      Seems, it will take a few more links from other places to push this up.

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