PhD Update #25: A return to discipline?

The last PhD update I posted here was in early November last year. It’s time to get back into the discipline of posting these updates, especially now I’m in the downhill stretch.

The rationale/excuse for not having posted in the last 3 or 4 months has been work and Christmas. For most of November, I was traveling to or working on conference presentations. I also visited Canberra in that time to work a bit on the thesis and received feedback from my supervisor – reduce content!. December was holidays and then, the great plan to spend January on holiday, working on the thesis went pear shape. For various silly, contextual issues I spent most of January and February working on BIM so folk could use it starting around March. This will hopefully bring some benefits, but it didn’t help thesis completion.

What I did last week

Early last week I had completed rough first drafts of chapters 2 (lit review) and 3 (research method). Since then, when time allows, I’ve been re-reading these drafts and making the slight modifications that are needed. A bit of space – it’s been almost 3 weeks since I finished the draft of chapter 2 – does wonders for perspective.

I’ve re-read all of chapter 2 and annotated it with suggested changes. I’m almost half way through making those changes in the soft copy.

What I’ll do in the next week

The aim for the next week is to have completed first drafts of chapters 2 and 3 sent off to my supervisor.

Time willing, the plan is then to get chapter 4 into the same state. I have until April 6 to get chapters in this state and sent to my supervisor.

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