Draft chapter 4 of the thesis is up

A couple of days ago I wrote the last few sentences for a fairly serious first draft of chapter 4 of the thesis. This chapter has to be re-read by me, read by my esteemed supervisor and then by a copy editor, so it’s not finished yet. But it’s a step closer.

This chapter tells the story of and rationale behind the development and use of Webfuse from 1997 through 1999. It attempts to formalise the thinking behind Webfuse into the first version of an information systems design theory for e-learning within universities. Since the thinking behind Webfuse was very naive, the resulting design theory is somewhat naive. From my perspective much of what passes for thinking around e-learning within universities today, is just as, if not more, naive.

The next step is to move onto chapter 5 which tells the story/rationale of the final period of Webfuse: 2000 through 2004 and beyond.

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