The curse of simple diagrams

There is a lot I like about within this discussion of a “systems approach to e-learning”. However, there is also much that I dislike.

I think the source of my dislike is the typical engineers (or business analyst/project management) assumption that you can develop in-depth knowledge of a complex organisation/activity/set of processes like e-learning within a university. i.e. that the gant chart or e-learning strategic plan captures everything that you need to know about the activity.

A part of this is the “simple diagram” below that is meant to represent “How technology fits into an organisation”. It’s just too tidy, not to mention linear. The influence is just one way from culture “down” the line, it’s much more complicated and multi-faceted than that. Different tools can enable radically different or previously unthought of processes that can lead to changes in culture.

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