BIM, missing students and Moodle groups

The following is a description of a common “problem” with BIM.


The problem manifests itself along the lines of this:

  • There are students enrolled in the Moodle course you are using BIM for.
  • You’ve set up BIM, allocated student groups to markers.
  • However, some or all of the students aren’t showing up on the “Manage Marking” or “Your students” screens.
  • This might only be for one of the teaching staff, it might be for all.
  • The lead/coordinating teacher can probably find them using “Find student”.


The “Manage marking” and “Your students” tabs in BIM rely on students being members of Moodle groups. If the students aren’t in the Moodle groups that are allocated to the staff, then the staff can’t easily see them.


Some of the potential steps in a solution include:

  • Check that all students are in groups.
    Go to the Moodle “Groups” functionality for your course and make sure that all the students have been allocated to the groups appropriately.

    In an institutional setting this should be done automatically, but if this process is broken you might be having problems.

  • Check that groups have been allocated to staff.
    Go (as the coordinating/lead teacher) into BIM and use the “Allocate markers” tab to allocate the groups to staff as necessary.

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