EduFeedr is live. BIM for open blog courses

Via Scott Leslie’s free and learning composition comes the news that EduFeedr is up and going.

EduFeedr is somewhat related to BIM in that it aggregates blogs posts from participants in a course and allows tracking of posts against set assignments.

The difference is that EduFeedr, unlike BIM, breaks free from the LMS. Which is arguably both, depending on context, a good and a bad thing. It does perhaps go close to some of what Leigh Blackall was looking for. Some more references here. The author’s blog appears to give more of the background. Including the explanation that EduFeedr is more designed to support open blog courses, i.e. those not using an LMS.

After a quick look, there are also some features and ideas that could help improve BIM and inform the design of BIM 2.0. e.g. visualisation of connections between posts.

In terms of the downsides to EduFeedr, Han’s post about recent talks on EduFeedr provides some indications. e.g the inability to autenticate participants. On the plus side, you don’t need the LMS.

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EduFeedr is a feed reader for online courses where each participant is using his/her personal blog to publish thoughts on course readings, answers to assignments and other course related postsRead more at

Additional thoughts

EduFeedr relies on a component called EduSuckr to grab the blog posts and comments. It relies on SimplePie, as does BIM. WIll be interesting to see if there is some capacity to reuse some fo the code. Already from looking at the code, there are some ideas to improve BIM.

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