Problems with naming of bim2

The last post covered the initial steps in starting bim2. Including the choice of the name bim2. But there is a problem.

The problem

It’s starting to look like the choice of bim2 as a name might not have been great. It appears Moodle may not like a digit in the name of a module. Confirmed

When creating a new module, the new name of the module must not contain numbers or other special characters!

The end result is that the “Add an activity” menu in Moodle only ever shows bim and not bim2 which means adding the activity won’t work.

The name will have to change. At least within Moodle.

This is just a bit of a bugger. Will mean I have to change the name of the git repository and a whole lot of other mucking around. I can’t really go back to use bim as the repo name, as that name is already taken by the Moodle 1.9 version of bim. I really don’t like this, both the need to change and the limited knowledge of mine resulting in the need for the change.

Name change?

So, should the name be bimTwo? It’s probably the best compromise. But still ugly. Especially since the #bim2 tag is already being used and makes the most sense.

Solution? For now, I think the plan will be to use bimTwo internal to Moodle, but encourage and use bim2 elsewhere. Maybe bim_two instead?

What do you think? Is there a better solution?

Actually, it will have to be bimtwo due

  • underscore being a special character and not working within a Moodle module name;
  • uppercase characters don’t work/aren’t supported in table names in the Moodle database.

4 thoughts on “Problems with naming of bim2

    1. From what I see, the new name is needed/useful in terms of creating a new repo on github. I also am hoping that bim2 will have some significant new features. The new name helps distinguish. Of course, it’s almost certainly going to have unintended consequences with folk. Ah well, decision made now.

    2. Yeah, I didn’t read the previous post where you outlined the reasons until after I posted. After making a separate repository you’re more or less locked in to the name change. Still, it’s going to get messy later on with bimtwopointfive, or bimfifteen.

    3. :) There won’t be any bimtwopointfive.

      The main reason for a different git repository, rather than a new version in the old repository. Is that I wanted to take the time to re-design the structure of BIM entirely and then use that as the new foundation moving forward. The complete difference in the code suggested a new repository.

      IN future, there will just be new versions of bimtwo. I hope. :)

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