BIM as a WordPress plugin?

I’m currently programming up bim2, a new version of BIM to work with Moodle 2.0. I’m wondering whether a version of BIM for WordPress might be an idea.

A while ago Leigh Blackall wondered why BIM had to be inside an LMS. There were some reasons at the time. However, most no longer apply and I’m increasingly interested in moving beyond the LMS world. As a long-term WordPress user, a WordPress plugin might make some sense.

Such a plugin would be a small step away from BIM towards edufeedr. Both BIM and edufeedr are very similar in what they do. The main difference is the infrastructure they rely upon, BIM on Moodle and edufeedr on elgg (if I recollect correctly). WordPress is perhaps a little more mainstream Web than elgg and WordPress is being used by some playing with open-ish courses.

BIM as a WordPress plugin would retain the marking/management features, but should probably pay a bit more attention to re-purposing aggregated posts. Perhaps aggregated posts could be fed into the main blog and other locations?

Wonder if there’s a WordPress plugin that already does this? Would this be a good idea?

Am aware of this tutorial for WordPress plugins via @marksmithers. Seems a good place to start.

Will have to wait until bim2 for Moodle is done.

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