Creating a podcast for LAK11 presentations

I’m currently participating in the Learning and Knowledge Analytics MOOC being run by George Siemens and others. This post outlines the process I used to create a podcast of the presentations (click on that link if you want to subscribe to the podcast) being given as part of the course.


The presentations are taking place within Elluminate and Elluminate recordings are made available. So why a podcast? Simply put the asynchronous and audio only nature better matches my preferences and context. So, I’ve repeated a process I use for the PLE/PLN symposium. More details below.


The basic process is

  • Bookmark the mp3 files using using the tag lak11podcast.
  • Pass the RSS for that those tags produced by through feedburner to generate a podcast.
  • Subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or other software.

The one difference between this podcast for LAK11 and the PLE/PLN podcast, is that I couldn’t bookmark the original mp3 files. These files are made available via the LAK11 Moodle course. Attempting to access the files directly results in a redirect to the home page for the SCOPE Moodle instance where you can login as a guest and view the files.

Works fine if you are a person on the web, but podcast software like iTunes isn’t that smart.

The solution I adopted here was to copy the MP3 files out of the Moodle course into a location without a re-direct. In this case drop box. I was a bit reluctant to do this as these aren’t my files, however, I’m assuming that given the nature of the MOOC that this should be okay. If not, the files will be removed.


At the moment, production of the podcast relies on new mp3 files being tagged by me with the tag lak11podcast. Would probably be more responsive if feedburner was set up to use anything anyone tagged with lak11podcast. For now, I’m leaving the restriction simply to save time and let me get on with some more reading. Happy to change it if people ask.

2 thoughts on “Creating a podcast for LAK11 presentations

    1. Thanks Sylvia.

      I think the behaviour is built into the Moodle “file.php” file. The URL for one of the files on the SCOPE Moodle is

      I’m assuming that either built into file.php, or perhaps as a result of the configuration of the LAK11 Moodle course, it needs your web browser to have a cookie set to access the file. If I visit that URL after visiting the LAK11 Moodle site, it works fine. If I visit the URL in a fresh browser instance that hasn’t logged into the LAK11 Moodle site, then it redirects me here

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