Why are we analysing ICTs for learning?

I’m in the midst of a course in which the second assignment is asking us to analyse four groups of e-learning technologies and how they apply to our future learning and teaching activities. Today I’ve finished some readings and some activities around the group 2 technologies: online images, audio and video.

The reading included a look at a report from a 21st literacy summit held by the NMC, it included the following quote as part of the description of a “world that values 21st literacies”

These new teachers model the new language forms for the next generation simply because that is how they already communicate.

After the activities today, I’m wondering why I’m still having to analyse tools like digital images, audio, and video. These are “technologies” that are already part of how I communicate, they have been for years. No-one is asking me to evaluate technologies like the book or pencil.

Then I recognise that I’m probably in the minority amongst the other folk in the course, but perhaps not in the undergraduate course which has a significantly younger demographic. I’m also not convinced that a majority of the academic staff teaching our courses could claim “it’s just how we communicate”. And I’m certain that the folk setting policy within the university couldn’t make that claim.

Too much to unpack and I’m tired. Time to play minecraft.

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