A new term dawns

So assessment for term 1 of the Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching is complete, term 2 beckons. The following is some reflection on initial exploration of the courses, expectations and assessment.

Missing resources

As students we’re told that course profiles (equivalent of course syllabus) will be available today. Two weeks before the start of term. The are not. So my plans for this afternoon are hampered.

Come on CQU, you have to deliver what you promise. The course sites are available, why not the course profiles?

Would be interesting to know what the hold up is.

The courses

This term I have three somewhat traditional courses to complete

  1. Assessment & Reporting in Secondary
    What is required and what is known about good assessment. Assessment appears to be designing to assessments. The first for grade 9 and the second for grade 11.

    1. Week 5 – 50%. 1500 word approx.
      Develop and reflect upon a one subject specific assessment instrument for a Year 8-10 subject.
    2. Week 10 – 50%. 1500 word approx.
      Same again, but for year 11/12.
  2. Learning and Pedagogy in Secondary.
    Apparently what we need to know about the act of teaching.

    1. Week 6 – 50%.
      Unit of work for a class in the Senior phase, different from the unit for Curriculum in Secondary. Include some reflection on “you as a teacher and a learner”
    2. Week 11 – 50%.
      Three lesson plans for one teaching area and a critical deconstruction.
  3. Curriculum in Secondary.
    Well obviously it’s important we know what the state wants us to teach and how to document it.

    1. Week 4 – 50%. 2000 word report.
      Has to be a hard copy. Topic chosen from a given list. Need to post a message to course discussion forum.
    2. Week 9 – 50%. 2000 word report.
      Essentially a school work program.

The fourth course is actually a 6-week internship at a school. Don’t know much about this one yet.

Evidence of work-arounds

When I started the above, I didn’t think I would be able to gather much information about the assessment given the unavailability of the course profiles. You see assignment information is only supposed to be distributed via the course profiles as these are the documents that go through a “quality assurance” process.

The funny thing is that each of the three course Moodle sites contains complete descriptions of the assignments. In fact they tended to look like being the copies of the Word documents that would have went into developing the course profiles. This duplication of information is meant to be a bad thing in terms of consistency and management of information.

It has, however, meant that I have been able to start thinking about the term and what I’ll be doing. I’m pretty sure that the institutional quality nazis and “strategic” leadership would be upset with this duplication. I’m happy with it.

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