BIM and BIM2 – Who needs it? What do you need?

Earlier this year, as the assignments mounted with my Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching, I put the development of BIM on the back burner. As my study to become a teacher winds down (stops for good on November 11 at the end of a 6 week internship) I’m thinking of re-starting work on BIM. Before I do that, I’m have a couple of questions

  1. Who out there is in the market for BIM and BIM2?
    Is anyone actually using BIM or wanting to use BIM2? If usage of BIM has flatlined, then….
  2. What do you need?
    The majority of the e-learning tools I’ve developed have been done in close collaboration with people using the tools. This type of development was a key reason for the success of those tools. I think the quality of BIM suffers due to my non-existent interactions with people using BIM. (My limited skills with PHP and Moodle, not to mention my atrophied software development skills, ageing knowledge of modern HTML etc and my less than good interface design skills also contribute).

Answers to these questions from people using/planning to use BIM will have a big influence on whether or not I restart BIM development, and probably how soon I start development.

I’m starting a new job next year. At the moment, it looks like this job will provide an opportunity to continue doing BIM and BIM2 development. It should also provide the opportunity to do more research around BIM, its model and use.

What are BIM and BIM2?

BIM is a recursive acronym – BIM (BAM (Blog Aggregation Management) Into Moodle) – and a Moodle module that supports teaching staff in managing (and even marking) individual external blogs. BIM – for Moodle v1.9 – has been around for about 18 months or so. BIM2 – for Moodle 2.0 – was in the early throws of development before being placed on the back-burner.

2 thoughts on “BIM and BIM2 – Who needs it? What do you need?

  1. Hi David,
    we have BIM installed here at the University of Canberra on our Moodle 1.9 instance and have a small number users who use it with classes of a couple of hundred students. They very much enjoy the features that BIM gives them.
    Based on their usage of BIM we have found a couple of small bugs and have worked with our Moodle Partner to have these fixed.

    We are currently planning out upgrade to Moodle 2, and would love it if BIM worked with the current feature set in Moodle 2.
    Any additional features and UI improvements would be welcome, but not essential.


    1. Thanks for the update.

      Glad to hear that some people are getting use out of BIM. As it stands, I was probably going to do the upgrade to Moodle 2 anyway to scratch some personal itches (all things being equal). Knowing others are using it adds further motivation.

      It will probably be at least late November before anything meaningful happens. When something happens it will be blogged/tweeted.

      Thanks again.

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