Is your digital footprint ready for teaching?

Am in the process of creating a new blog to be called “Is my digital footprint ready for teaching?”. The following describes the why and what and records some initial planning/design.

Keen to hear any suggestions folk have.


This idea is killing two birds with one stone. First, is the need to demonstrate some sort of online learning event so the students have some ideas for their first assignment. Second, is the need to make them aware of digital citizenship type issues.

The current intention is for the blog to act as a stand-alone learning event. Something that a learner can dip into at anytime and answer the question “Is my digital footprint ready for teaching?”.

The inspiration for this idea is, in part, the “pink bits” talk given at the CQUniversity GDLT induction. A talk designed to encourage pre-service teachers to be certain that they are dressed so as not to show any “pink bits”.


The aims of the site are to allow visitors to

  • Discover what their public digital footprint is.
  • Compare this with what might be expected of a new teacher.
  • Learn about some of the negative experiences a poor digital footprint has had on teachers.
  • Identify strategies they can adopt to address any problems.
  • Find out where this fits with broader issues around digital citzenship.
  • Gain insights into what and how they might share these insights with others.

In general, I shouldn’t be creating lots of content on this site. It’s meant to be a portal to existing useful resources. Which I know have to find.

Looking for resources/activities

George Couros’ page on digital footprint.

Via Doug Pete’s about page is infographic generated based on my Twitter activity.

Nice video from one of Michael Wesch’s students

And the obligatory US news story

One of many warnings




6 thoughts on “Is your digital footprint ready for teaching?

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  3. Hi David – this sounds like a great idea. A blog (rather than a website) certainly includes the potential for more discussion and interaction. I recently shared some of the resources that I use in a 2nd year IT module which explore digital identity, privacy and authenticity. You might find some of those resources helpful:

    I’ll certainly try to keep track of your work — are you on Twitter? My username is @catherinecronin. Look forward to seeing how this develops!

    1. G’day Catherine, Thanks for sharing your link. I’m going to be borrowing ideas and resources. The next couple of days will be my busy time designing this site. Planning for the interactivity is one thing I’m aiming for, will see how that goes. The students will be using the site next week, will be interesting to see how it goes over.

      On Twitter, I’m @djplaner.


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