BIM: another restart?

The following is essentially an activity log/diary or the first steps of getting back into work on BIM. I’m hoping to have it ready to work with some course redesign I’m working on, but timelines may make that difficult.

The aim of this is to get the current version of BIM for Moodle 2.x up and running with Moodle 2.4+. The next step will be to determine what work needs to be completed on BIM and what new features might be useful.

In summary, it’s surprisingly functional as is, much more than I remembered.

Download and install Moodle 2.4

Moodle 2.4+ downloaded from here

Stick it in an m24 directory under xampp and follow the instructions.

All installed.

Installing bim2

And now to get bim2 off github. Mm, 8 months since I worked on the code. Not good.

mkdir bim
cd bim
git clone
mv BIM/* .
mv BIM/.git .
rm -rf BIM

Task: I really need to look into the naming of that folder and using of git so there’s no need to play with the file structure.

Visit the local Moodle website, picks up BIM ready to install. Oops, error.

Plugin “mod_bim” is defective or outdated, can not continue, sorry.
Debug info: Missing mandatory en language pack.
Error code: detectedbrokenplugin

That’s because I didn’t clone the bim2 branch

sudo git clone -b bim2

And that has updated successfully. Now does it actually work?

Testing it out

Ohh, pretty new interface for Moodle 2.4. Looks like the BIM icon will need to updated to work with the slightly bigger and different design for the module icons. (Click on the following images to see bigger versions)

After adding the activity you need to enter the basic configuration details

Add some questions that the students will blog in response to.

What about allocating markers to mark the influx of posts?

No users allocated to the course, so nothing there. Nice to see I’d thought of this condition. Time to allocate some students and teaching staff. So staff enrolled in the course. Can I manage marking now?

Not yet. I need to create some groups for the course. Markers aren’t allocated individual students within BIM. They are allocated groups.

So with groups allocated, I can allocate a marker. Can I manage the markers? The coordinating teacher can see a list of all the markers and what they have (or haven’t) marked yet.

Oops, that’s the first error in the code. Will have to revisit that.

Can I see the students I have to mark as a marker? This is the overview. It shows which of my students have registered their blogs (and for which I can mark something) and which haven’t yet.

Now, let’s see if I can do some marking.

Not really because none of the posts from this single student have been allocated to one of the set questions. I’ll need to allocate one of his posts to a question using the “allocate question” screen.

Now I should be able to mark that allocated question

Student perspective

So, does it work from the student’s perspective. Does the activity show up when they login to the course?

Can the register their blog?

Does it actually work as expected?

What’s next?

Time for a road trip. So no progress for a few days, after that it will be revisiting what outstanding tasks are left to make this truly useful. Gradebook integration is probably the top of the list. Backup/restore may be the next step.

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