Which Moodle (or other LMS) tool is best at support and training?

A question for those with experience of Moodle or other LMS tools/plugins/services etc

Which tools do a really good job of embedded support/training?

i.e. assume the tools is used to support a fairly complex task, but if I’m a first time user of the tool I can access all that I need to know about using the tool effectively from within the tool itself. I don’t need to visit the institutional e-learning support site, contact help desk or Google resources placed online by others.

A “really good job” might be judged on a variety of criteria, including, but not limited to,

  • Clear instructions that get you underway quickly.
  • Well structured, scaffolded support that minimises the need for calling helpdesk.
  • Instructions that move beyond simple technical “how-tos” into offering pedagogical insights.
  • Some aspect of how it supports the people using it is different from the run-of-the-mill.

Also, feel free to throw in suggestions of any software in general (most modern, quality computer games are probably good examples) or literature.


I’m finally getting started on my Moodlemoot’AU 2013 presentation and am thinking about how BIM can be improved.

Improving the support BIM provides out of the box has long been an aim. Mostly because I think most of the tools I use don’t do a particularly good job and most of the additional supports (e.g. separate training sessions or separate websites) provided by institutions are also not as good as they could be.

This idea has been percolating for more than a few years originally proposed back in 2010 as “Making the LMS more like the Globe Theatre”.

So, I’m after ideas of where it’s been done well.

2 thoughts on “Which Moodle (or other LMS) tool is best at support and training?

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  2. Moodle as a course management system plays an important role in students and teachers life, learning online and discussing that is now much easier to both the parties. To me forums and chats is one of the best thing that act as a Moodle tool, even it allows to interact well.

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