A quick search for a Google reader alternative

Update: A student from last semester has shared her experiences from last semester using Feedly. The big limitation with Feedly is the absence of a search facility. But then it appears that this is a limitation of all the competitors as well (for now).

The second offering of The ICTs and Pedagogy course I teach starts next week. Last semester the course made a move to each student maintaining an individual blog on their choice of service. To encourage connections between students I generated a collection of OPML files and showed them how to use Google Reader to track what people are posting.

Of course, Google reader is now dead and an alternative recommendation is needed. The plan is to mention that there are a range of alternatives and that folk can choose their own, but then show some detail of how to use a particular feed reader. So I need to figure which one I’ll show the detail of. Due to time constraints, this will be a quick, rather than comprehensive search and test.

Here’s one list of alternatives and another more focused on education.

The planned test is

  1. Import an OPML of my subscriptions from NetNewsWire (my current reader).

    This is quite a large list so will be a reasonable test of the import process. Who knows, I might change from NetNewsWire.

  2. Use the read a bit.
  3. Check out mobile options.


Was going to explore BazQux on a recommendation, but it appears to require payment. $9 a year is not that much, but not something I’m comfortable with requiring from the students.

Liked the ability to login with OpenID.

Imports the OPML with no worries.

Display is ok, but not brillant. And navigation works.


Login goes straight to Google account. Wonder if this works with the students limited Google account that forms the basis of their institutional email?

OPML is imported okay. Presents an Organize page for moving the feeds and groups around. Apparently does drag and drop of feeds.

Interface is nicer. Has some missing bits, but looks alright.

Cost? Apparently, free for now and a paid version later.

There are versions for various platforms.

Given time constraints, that will probably do.

The most liked from this list of alternatives, but detested by the person who recommended BazQux.

2 thoughts on “A quick search for a Google reader alternative

  1. I was really sad when Reader was killed off. I tried feedly for a while but found the interface cumbersome and difficult to navigate. I now use netvibes and like it very much – especially its two alternative views of the feeds – each is useful for different types of tasks.

    1. Know a few people who had a similar experience with Feedly. I’m adapting to it. Not finding it that bad. But then I never used Google Reader in anger. So perhaps I’m coming with a lower level of expectation. The absence of search is perhaps the biggest problem.

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