A window into lecturers’ conversations #ascilite

Negin Mirriahi – A window into lecturers’ conversations: With whom are they speaking about technology and why does it matter?

How can HE institutions enhance technology adoption?

How can the top down initiatives be improved. How do we engage academics in using the technologies we want them to?

Comment: Well choosing it for them is perhaps not a good start. (Though unavoidable).

Interviews with 23 lecturers in foreign language teacher.

How did they heard about the LMS. Large section from colleagues. Aim is to drill down on what those discussions were about.

Questionaires used to identify range of things, including who they are talking with. Network maps showing connections about who is talking to who.

So what types of conversations they are using.

Informal conversations –
Format conversations – formal meetings for a project team, formal discipline networks

Finding (not sure how this was concluded) it’s the formal and informal conversations that makes the difference. i.e. not the workshops etc that are put in place.

What about those who don’t have conversations? Some quotes

We already have the tools, I explore it myself, I’m good at learning computer things

Seem to indicate that these folk might be good mentors, how to do that?

What can we do?

Provide opportunities for

  • informal conversations -shared offices, e-learning showcase, conferences
  • formal conversations – regular meetings, mentorship, CoP
  • other – workshops, educational technologists support, online resources

Question: What about the informal conversations at the moment of need? i.e. a helpdesk process that hasn’t had the informal chat nature abstracted away by the adoption of IT enterprise helpdesk system. Helping connections between the different people across an organisation be created.

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