Too much stuff, not enough time

The plan by now was that I would have spent a few weeks engaging with the readings from NETGL and figuring out what they can offer some insights for enhancing and transforming the two courses I currently teach. By this time I’d also have set up my new domain (something I have actually done) and moved this blog to that domain. But that was not to be. Connected courses is starting soon and it’s to relevant and interesting to not engage.

I don’t have a good track record of engaging with “MOOCs”. Not off to a good start with this one, at least in my head. But perhaps as the participants of NGL have learned over the last few weeks, part of the trick is figuring out what you can do with the time you have (and having the discipline to make sure you make some time). Time for me to feel a little of their pain and see just how well I can handle it.

5 thoughts on “Too much stuff, not enough time

  1. hrheingold

    Welcome aboard, David! I think we all understand the issue. I’m starting to teach in course this month, too. Don’t feel obligated at all to engage in every activity. If you can keep up with the videos and some of the texts, read a couple blogs, comment once in a while, blog once a week, you’ll be right in tune with the people who do it all.

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  3. Joe Murphy

    I’m a serial MOOC dropout too. I’m hoping the social rewards in Connected Courses will keep me active – and as Howard says, we don’t have to do every piece of every week to learn a lot. I also formed a local cohort at my school to work on Connected Courses together – I think a little face-to-face social accountability will help me.

    See you around the blog flow!

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