Starting to write for Fedwiki – Daily #4 (and 5)

Time to start using Fedwiki to do some writing.

While fedwikihappening has provided a Fedwiki for me, I’ve decided to go the “one of my own” approach and via various constraints will be using this one. Hopefully it may end up being connected with my nascent domain

Don’t think of it as a site

I have been thinking of Fedwiki as a site. Illustrated by the idea of “one of my own”. A site that is easily inter-connected with other Fedwiki’s, but still a site. So interesting to see the suggestion not to think of it as a site, but rather as a custom browser – “it is a custom piece of software your (sic) will use to browser federated wiki-space”.

Setting it up

My fedwiki is blank. I’ve claimed it, but time to add some information. The first suggestion is a bio page, in part because it can become your signature in federated wiki space. There’s a video that explains the process.

A little surprisingly we’re being discouraged from doing any heavy formatting in what we write. Makes it more difficult for reuse, apparently. Worries me a little. Will see how that pans out. And the suggestion that a normal linking approach should be limited to internal wiki links. Which does seem to be slightly ignored by some in appropriate contexts.

I’m a writer of raw HTML and my writing is littered with lists, headings and other layout/presentation artefacts intended to make it easier to understand. This means that the suggestion to do away with formatting will be a struggle. Hence the thought that I’ll start initially by sticking with the HTML stuff and see how that plays out. Perhaps a first sign of my inability to adapt to the new medium?

In my bio, I wanted to describe myself as a digital renovator and link to a fedwiki page that @holden has already created.

First attempt was to just us [[Digital Renovator]] and see if it auto-magically connects to existing stuff in federated wiki space. No, that didn’t work. Not that surprising.

Question: How do (can) I correctly link to @holden’s digital renovator page? Or is that very question showing my “old web” background? Time will tell.

I’ll leave that link to an empty page in my bio and fix it later on.

Oops, there’s the orange halo of death. Appears I got logged out. Back in we go. Hasn’t auto picked up that we’re back. Can’t find the icon to reconnect and push this back to the server. Back to the previous video. Ahh the icon I thought would do it was titled “Fork this page”, which I didn’t think was appropriate. But it does work.

Bio page done.

Connecting with others

The next task was to start Idea Mining.

Question: Actually is there a page on idea mining out in federated wiki space? How would I discover it? (Google?) How could I connect with it from my fed wiki?

The video above actually talks about how fedwikihappening folk can ask a question. But I assume that because I’ve got my own fed wiki, I’m not actually linked in with the other fedwikihappening wikis. I’m guessing @holden and his crew (is there a crew?) did some behind the scenes work to get this set up.

Which leads to what I want to do next

  1. Do I need to and how would I get links into the other fedwikihappening wikis?
  2. Can I find out if there’s already a page on an idea within federated wiki space?
    I assume a search would work. But I suppose the fedwiki approach might revolve around following interesting folk, seeing them post something interesting, and then forking their work. i.e. see task #1.
  3. Can I link/fork to another’s post?
    Is “link” even the right word in federated wiki space?
  4. Do a bit of idea mining.

Question: For this to

First stop is the “How to Wiki” page that is there by default in my (and all?) fedwikis.

The Follow Links page offers some explanation on the background.

I can see why #FedWikiHappening isn’t going down the path of explaining all this first up. Get people idea mining first without struggling with the difficulties.

Ahh, there’s the idea of a neighborhood.

The copy page has some suggestions by which you can manually view external pages, after a bit of experimentation (rather than search/read the documentation) I discovered this is the format I was after

This displays @holden’s page into my fedwiki – this really reinforces the idea of fedwiki being a browser. I cannot just do a Google search, find @holden’s page and enter the URL into my browser. Doing this appears to meant that I’m viewing federated wiki space through @holden’s browser, not mine. This is why forking will not work, because I don’t have permission on his wiki.

However, if I use the above method (or other methods that are simpler) then I am viewing @holden’s page through my fedwiki/new browser and here I do have permission to fork.

And now when I click on the “digital renovator” link in my bio page I get taken to my local copy of @holden’s page. And there are various ways back to his version.

There’s more here than meets the eye. Time perhaps to jump to the set task which seems a bit simpler and leave further exploration of fedwiki space to later.

Happening folks

My Generation by thjordan, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  thjordan 

But first, perhaps see if I can link to the happening folks.

  1. Take a link from @timklapdor’s fedwiki to the happening folks –
  2. Transform that into a URL that will allow me to view the page through my browser –
    I’m sure there is an easier way to do this
  3. Fork this page to my local site.
  4. Add a link to the beginning of my site.
  5. Update the list of happening folk to add in a link to my wiki.

    There seems to be some unique method being used to add those links. Not just straight internal links, but something extra. Need to explore the documentation a bit more.

    In theory, it appears dragging the URL of a fedwiki page and dropping it in a factory should do it, but not currently working for me.

Idea mining

The suggestion is that idea mining should arise from our regular reading. Be a summary of an idea that resonates. I can see the value in that approach, but I’ve been thinking about other uses. This time of year is when I finally get some time to think about my own ideas and writing. Recent paper presentation sand discussions have sparked a range of ideas, time to get those ideas out there and gather thoughts.

So create the December journal page and get writing. Ahh, now that I’m part of the neighbourhood I can see some related links appearing at the bottom of the blank page. That suggests to me that if I were to add a new blank page titled “React vs Respond” then fedwiki should suggest to me this page from @timklapdor with the same name?

Yes!!! Starting to get the hang of this.

Fork and comment experiment

Which suggests that if I visit Tim’s page and fork it, I can then make some comments/suggestions. The latest video talking about neighbourhoods offers to answer some of this.

So the approach appears to be

  1. Visit the page.
  2. Fork it locally.
  3. Add a comment down the end with a link to my bio page.

And look at the neighbourhood grow.

So, comments added. Will be interesting to see how well fedwiki lets Tim know about the comment.

Add my own

Time to add my own idea – Concrete Lounge. Will copy that page into another post on this blog.

2 thoughts on “Starting to write for Fedwiki – Daily #4 (and 5)

  1. Really cool that u wrote this and it echoes my steps. I started about 2 wks ago on sandbox then Mike made me my own space last wk and it all felt off until i figured out the forking and neighborhooding then it clicked! So cool of u to write out all those details. Will be important one day when we are “used to it” to explain to newbies!

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