Embedding prezi – some tests

A student of mine is reporting problems embedding a Prezi into a blog post. Here’s a quick test.

Straight from Prezi

Let’s go with the straight prezi embed code

It looks something like this

<a href="https://prezi.com/embed/8enn0a8y7qx3/?bgcolor=ffffff&#038;lock_to_path=0&#038;autoplay=0&#038;autohide_ctrls=0#">https://prezi.com/embed/8enn0a8y7qx3/?bgcolor=ffffff&#038;lock_to_path=0&#038;autoplay=0&#038;autohide_ctrls=0#</a>

And the embeded prezi should appear below


After a preview it’s obvious this doesn’t work.

The assumption being the that Prezi “embed code” isn’t liked/supported by WordPress.

The question being whether you can transform the Prezi “embed code” into something that is liked by WordPress.

Transform the Prezi “embed code”

A quick Google search embed prezi wordpress.com blog reveals this service that appears to transform the embed code.

Oh, but it looks like Prezi’s done something that might break this transformation on WordPress.com

Yep, that doesn’t appear to work.

And the same Google search above reveals this discussion which describes why.

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