REACT Process

One of the features of the REACT project was that there was a fairly fixed process designed to offer scaffolding to the process and ensure additional input to ideas before implementation.

The process includes:

Writing Process

The REACT process is intended to enable collaboration and peer review of innovations both before and after they are implemented. Before publication each REACT paper must go through the following 7-step process:

  1. A problem or need associated with teaching and learning is identified.
  2. Reflection and use of the literature to identify potential solutions to the problem or need. The literature is also used to inform a comparison between possible solutions. At this point the author will have completed the first 6 sections of their REACT paper (Abstract, Context, Problem, Desires, Approaches and Implementation).
  3. Their paper is presented and peer-reviewed at a writer’s workshop.
  4. Ideas from the writer’s workshop are used to improve the proposed solution.
  5. The proposed solution is implemented and evaluated.
  6. That experience is used to complete the remaining two sections of the REACT paper format (Experience and Conclusions).
  7. The completed paper undergoes an anonymous, peer-review process prior to publication in the e-journal, Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development.

Writer’s workshops

Writer’s workshops are an idea adopted from the creative writing community. They are a positive, friendly, and collaborative process for drawing on different perspectives to improve a piece of writing.

For more information about writer’s workshops refer to


(Note: SLEID has since died)

Papers produced using the REACT process were invited for submission to the online journal, Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development (SLEID). SLEID includes a section dedicated to the publication of REACT papers that have met the requirements of the peer review process.

Papers must be submitted using the web-based submission process.

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